Monthly Archives: August 2012

Manage locally, discover (inter-)nationally: research data management lessons from Australia at OR2012

What to keep and why; how to support research data management through the lifecyle; and how to make the data citable, discoverable and reusable: these are core questions in research data management.  They are questions with both human and technical aspects.  These are the issues which Exeter is addressing through advocacy and training, its draft … Read more

Making the most of institutional data assets: Research Data Projects at OR2012 (Part 3…)

The issue of how to fund a research data management infrastructure on a sustainable basis while only partially relying on cost-recovery from grant funded research projects is a matter of concern for all JISCMRD projects and all institutions, including Open Exeter…  In relation to this issue, and others, Open Exeter is paying particular attention to how … Read more

Innovative Research Data Publication: three new JISCMRD projects

Arguments in favour of research data sharing stress the need for verification and reproducibility.  It is fundamental to the scientific method and to good research practice for other researchers to be able to test the evidence underpinning the hypotheses and interpretations presented in a given scholarly publication. In recognition of this a number of journals … Read more

Pulling it all Together: Research Data Projects at OR2012 (Part 2…)

Continuing a series of posts on research data issues at OR2012… Another theme over the week, picked up in Peter Burnhill’s closing summary, was the important of ‘linking research inputs and outputs’.  A number of JISC Managing Research Data projects are taking a holistic view, seeking to ensure the joined up exchange of information between … Read more

Institutional Data Repositories and the Curation Hierarchy: reflections on the DCC-ICPSR workshop at OR2012 and the Royal Society’s Science as an Open Enterprise report

At Open Repositories 2012 the Digital Curation Centre and ICPSR (the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research) organised a workshop to consider issues around the roles and responsibilities of institutional data repositories. Graham Pryor opened the workshop with an overview of the DCC’s programme of institutional engagements.  The workshop featured three presentations relating to projects in the … Read more