Institutional Data Repositories and the Curation Hierarchy: reflections on the DCC-ICPSR workshop at OR2012 and the Royal Society’s Science as an Open Enterprise report

At Open Repositories 2012 the Digital Curation Centre and ICPSR (the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research) organised a workshop to consider issues around the roles and responsibilities of institutional data repositories. Graham Pryor opened the workshop with an overview of the DCC’s programme of institutional engagements.  The workshop featured three presentations relating to projects in the … Read more

Correcting a break…

I recently broke my leg: to be precise a lateral tibial plateau fracture, which required an operation, plates and pins to put back together.  This means that until the end of August 2012, I shall be in a knee brace, unable to put weight on my right leg and moving around on crutches.  The discomfort … Read more

Developing Institutional Research Data Management Policies

On 12-13 March, in conjunction with DCC and the University of Leeds ROADMAP Project, the JISC Managing Research Data Programme held a workshop to examine challenges around developing institutional research data management policies. This is an important area of activity for projects in the JISCMRD Programme.  All 17 large infrastructure projects are developing policies – … Read more

Coordination of Metadata Strategies?

Some info on metadata standards being used by JISCMRD projects is available on the commonalities spreadsheet. There was a breakout group at the Programme Launch Workshop on metadata standards: for blogged accounts of this session, see and The Metadata Breakout Group came up with some actions, though these are reported a little differently … Read more