Research at Risk

Research at risk: spring progress update 2016

We have put together an overview of our progress with the Research at Risk co-design challenge since our last update in December 2015.

Over the past 6 months, we have been mostly busy with:

  • Establishing the supplier framework and selecting the vendors for each lot within the research data shared service as well as holding the first consultations with the pilot HEIs;
  • launching the Research Data Network and its collaborative environment for sharing practice and practical solutions with a wide range of universities and other interested parties;
  • Developing a pilot research data usage metrics service working with an expert reference group and 15 pilot centres;
  • Creating a core schema for research data discovery that is being further developed for implementation within the Research Data Discovery Service and the Research Data Management Shared Service;
  • Implementing requirements and harvesting metadata from the 15 participating pilots into the alpha version of the discovery service;
  • Working on sustainability options with the 7 research data spring projects for the last phase ending this August;
  • Updating the Jisc RDM quick guide.

We will be at the ARMA, Open Repositories 2016 and the Science and Innovation conferences talking about the research data shared services and the supporting projects within research at risk.

More details on timescales, outputs, status for each of the research at risk projects and links to the latest blogs and press releases are in our research at risk overview slides:


And for those that want to go in more depth on any of the individual research at risk projects, do check out these reports on progress.

If you would like any more information about anything in this progress update, or have any questions for the team, please get in touch via