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Jisc launches Research Repositories Dynamic Purchasing System

Jisc are pleased to announce the launch of the Research Repositories Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS). The DPS is a framework that provides a light touch route for Jisc members to procure repository services.

The DPS was created following feedback from the UK research sector and Jisc members about difficulties of procuring repository services, and the need for leadership and minimum standards in this area. As this is a dynamic system new suppliers can apply at any time and Jisc hopes that the DPS will contain both new and established entrants to the Repository market.

Jisc have completed the first round of supplier evaluations and the DPS is now live for institutions to use, with the following suppliers (repositories):

Details of the DPS and how to procure through it can be found at the service webpage:

How does it work?

The DPS sets out minimum standards that suppliers must comply with in order to have their product included.  These are set out in the Appendix to the Buyer’s guide which can be downloaded from the service webpage.

Jisc members (which include all publicly funded UK universities) can use the service to run mini competitions with suppliers, using standard templates provided, and adding additional requirements of their own, if necessary. Jisc will administer the process on behalf of the member, who will can use their criteria to identify their preferred supplier. If a supplier is selected, Jisc notifies all bidders of the result and contracts are between the preferred supplier and member are drawn up.

Benefits and opportunities for Jisc members

  • The framework reduces the procurement burden for members: it facilitates a light touch procurement process for members, as OJEU requirements will have already been fulfilled.  Members can focus solely on their specific technical requirements.
  • Members can be confident that the services included use a clear set of sector standards
  • The market for such services becomes more transparent, efficient and effective.
  • Members get better value for money.

Opportunities for repository suppliers

Repository suppliers can apply to join the DPS at any time.  Details can be found here

If you are already talking to a repository supplier who is not yet on the DPS, please do encourage them to apply.

If you have any queries, please contact