Pain free Preservation

“It’s World Digital Preservation Day on the 7th of November John.” “Better write a blog then, Paul” “Ah. Okay.” Soooooo… What is it about preservation that so often makes it an afterthought when it comes to publishing data sets (for researchers at least)? These days, if you ask a researcher about FAIR, or open data, […]

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Mixed access and licence values in repository records

On 22nd May 2019, members of the Jisc Open Research Hub team held a webinar which presented a set of design options around the assigning of more than one licence or access type to a repository deposit. The aim was to get feedback to help the design team decide which approach to develop.  Although the webinar […]

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Going off-road

How the Jisc Open Research Hub team uses iteration and minimum viable features to keep the service agile in a rapidly changing environment What’s more annoying than setting off on a journey and getting lost? Setting off on a journey with a map and still getting lost… When there are many possible ways to get […]