Research data spring – two months update

From a joint workshop among 5 projects to employing an online brainstorming application called, the research data spring project teams have been applying creative ways to engage their communities. If you wonder what else they have been up to, see the short updates below. And if you would like to participate at the London sandpit workshop on 13-14 July, please get in […]

British Library guest post: DOIs at research data spring

The UK DataCite DOI specialists Rachael Kotarski and Stephen Andrews joined us at the first research data spring workshop back in February along with all the idea enthusiasts and research data management experts. They got involved with a number of projects that are trying to integrate DOIs and other persistent identifiers within the research data […]

Research at Risk

Research Data Management : activity round-up

We wanted to take the opportunity to give you a round up of the continuing work of the team taking forward Jisc’s research data work. Among our spring 2015 highlights are not least the Research Data Spring itself, as can be seen from Daniela’s recent updates on this blog. Back in February this was the […]

Research data spring – how are the projects coming along?

The research data spring teams have been working tirelessly over the past month to progress on the projects. And we wanted to share with you what they have done so far and what you should be excited about over the next two months, before our second sandpit workshop. The workshop will take place on 13-14 July […]

ORCID guest post: unique and persistent identifiers and research data spring

The first research data spring workshop has seen a number of experts from different areas of the research data lifecycle coming together. But what are their thoughts now and how will they continue working with the projects in the coming months? We wanted to share these with you in a series of guest blog posts. […]