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Metadata for Datasets: Identifiers and Ontologies #MRDonto

The MRDonto Group was one of five Working Groups formed at the JISCMRD Phase Two Launch Workshop.  The MRDonto Group’s discussion ranged over the following areas:

  1. Data processing and data publication workflows.
  2. Generic ontologies and metadata models for describing datasets, to supplement domain- specific ontologies to describe the research field.
  3. Recording provenance for datasets.
  4. Assigning credit and attribution for data publication and recording data reuse.
  5. Knowledge management tool stacks.

The MRDonto group agreed to share information about a number of areas of shared interest; they will be using the tag #MRDonto.

The group intends, when appropriate, to set up an open access MRDonto Knowledge Blog for papers on this topic.

The MRDonto group agreed to adopt certain standards as ‘uncontroversial’ ORCID for personal identifiers; DataCite DOIs for datasets; and OAI-ORE for packaging composite data objects.

The identified areas of interest include: