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STFC e-Science Centre Looking to Partner a Bid to Research Data Management Call

The STFC e-Science centre would like to partner an institution in a bid to the JISC Research Data Management Call.

The e-science centre at The Science and Technology Facilities Council (See would like to hear from partners with experience in delivering data management solutions and operational services.  STFC (previously CCLRC and PPARC) have significant expertise in this area. In particular the e-science centre at STFC:

  • Manages the NGS (National Grid Service) for the UK, including the NGS-SRB service which delivers data management services to multiple disciplines across UK HEIs. (See
  • Operates national scale data management services for UK Research councils, as well as for STFC’s own facilities, including the Diamond Light Source.
  • Runs the UKs Tier1 centre to deliver grid based Peta-scale data and compute services to the international collaboration for the Large Hadron Collider as part of EGEE and LCG.
  • Is actively developing, testing and evaluating next generation tools (including iRODS), to address curation, preservation, and data sharing issues.

Please contact Gordon Brown at the e-science centre at STFC for more information