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Managing Research Data Training Strand #MRDtrain

The fifth and final Working Groups established at the  JISCMRD Phase Two Launch Workshop encompasses the whole strand of work producing discipline focussed training materials for managing research data.

As well as presentations from the new projects, the Research Data Management Training Materials strand had input from the Data Management Skills Support Initiative (DaMSSI) Support Project; from Nicola Siminson (JORUM) and Naomi Korn (JISC IPR Consultancy).

In addition to the new MRDtrain projects, this group includes the SUDAMIH, Incremental, DMP-ESRC and DMP-MRC which have an interest in data management training.

As well as agreeing to share information on the programme platforms (wiki and lists), the group identified particular areas for exchanging information:

– Meriel Patrick, Sudamih has also offered to share their project’s bibliography with abstracts on data management as a starting point for the new projects

– the DMTPsych Project will look into working with UK Data Archive to see if their focus group can effectively assess the psychology data sets deposited in UK Data Archive for reuse;

It was also noted that JORUM has just released a survey to help them plan future developments. It might be a useful to browse through JORUM and respond to the survey with an eye to how it might be most useful for depositing and retrieving your data management training materials. The survey can be found at:

The outlines of two potentially useful workshops were identified.

1) drawing on the historians’ approach to evaluating primary sources, the group will investigate the value of running a DCC workshop to help develop critical assessment of digital source information focusing on examples identified by the RDMtrain projects;

2) a one-day workshop in (early) spring 2011 to have more detail on depositing to JORUM and to review the legal and IPR issues surrounding the development and reuse of data management training materials.