Research Data Spring – a few more days to go

Wow! Now that is a busy week! Within a few days the number of ideas up on our community doubled and the number of users quadrupled. At 11:01 this morning there were 52 ideas, 115 comments, 407 users and 654 votes! We are very excited about the dynamics of the community and are still looking forward to the last ideas to come over the weekend.

So what are your ideas focused on? I used to create a word cloud of all the content from the 52 ideas to give you a quick visual. The ideas touch a wide range of topics and issues, and if any are addressing your area of expertise, tell us what you think their potential is, or if you would pilot it within your institution?

cloud 52 ideas

We are even more thrilled about all the comments and votes that you have posted so far. We already noted a great level of collaboration and are eager to see how the teams and pitches will turn out at the sandpit workshop.

So what are your biggest worries about the ideas? Again I used to create a visual about your feedback and interest in the ideas posted so far:

cloud feedback 52 ideas

If you want to be part of this project and contribute to the development of technical tools, software and service solutions for research data management, then this weekend is your last chance. Read through the ideas, chime in some insights via the comments section or post your idea if you see any major gaps. We will be closing off at midnight on the 12th of January.

Next week, we will be looking at the ideas and comments in more detail and selecting the ones that will be developing further at the sandpit workshop. Remember that we are not disqualifying ideas based on the number of votes, but we will be looking at your feedback and interest from the comments section. For more info, check the FAQs.

Save these dates: 12 February (IDCC conference Research Data Spring workshop); 26-27 February (Research Data Spring sandpit workshop).

PS. IdeaScale generates an infographic for each community, so if you want to see what has been trending, check it out!