Research at Risk

Research at Risk : Winter Progress update

To give you an overview of where we are in delivering the elements of our “Research at Risk” co-design challenge (which centres around developing a sustainable and cost effective service offer to meet research data management needs) please have a look at our presentation on slideshare. 

These slides cover:
a) the timescales and outputs for all the projects
b) a “trump card” for each project summarising status and what the end goal is
c) a set of links showing what each project has delivered to date

We have also ranked the projects according to their level of priority for delivery as High, Medium or Low. This relates to a prioritisation exercise that we undertook this summer and in consultation with our Co-design partners. This recognised the need to focus our effort and resource around the most important projects. We also recognised the need at the same time to defer some projects until others were further advanced.

It is also important to mention that some of the work here, as research and development, is  exploratory. Some of our projects here are explicitly designed to work out the best approach and the most useful and sustainable products and outputs as we go through. This is shown on the slides by a project timeline becomes a lighter colour, indicating that we have not yet established the final outputs and precise timescale for their delivery.

If  you would like any more information about anything in this progress update, or have any questions for the team, please get in touch via