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Research data management shared service tender – prequalification questionnaire due 19th January 2016 – register interest by 15th January 2016

Happy new year!

Back in early December we launched a tender opportunity for the Jisc Research Data Management shared service. The notice has been circulated widely but just as a final announcement to try and reach those that may have missed it before, here is a reminder about the scope of the tender and the deadlines with related links.

The scope of the research data management shared service has been developed building on analysis of requirements in the UK higher education sector and with wide consultation. It aims to help UK universities meet compliance requirements for resarch data but will hopefully develop to meet wider use cases.

We would like to invite interested parties to participate – there are opportunities to deliver a technical service and/or to develop functionality under the scope of the initiative via this tender.

To find out more please go to and login or register your organisation. Then register on the ‘Research Data Management Shared Services’ contract opportunity and you will gain access to all the appropriate documentation.

An OJEU notice was also published back in early December. The notice number is: 2015/S 238-432683

As stated in the title to this post the deadline for the initial response to be able to qualify in the process is fast approaching. Registrations to participate must be received by 15th January 2016. Responses are due by noon on 19th January 2016.

Summary information:

The Research at Risk challenge ( is part of the Jisc co-design approach to innovation (see

Jisc wishes to engage research data management system suppliers and developers (from commercial providers, academic institutions, non-commercial organisations etc.) to develop a shared service to enable HEI’s to meet core UK funder policy compliance around research outputs, focused on research data, with the aim of providing a solution that integrates components to: ingest, store, publish, disseminate, preserve and report on finalised research objects.
Jisc envisages that the service will utilise and benefit from using open standards, in order to allow and encourage interoperability above that available in existing products. This part of the tender can include enhancements to existing products as well as the development of new tools where existing products do not exist. We wish to develop this service in partnership with a small number of pilot HEI’s and suppliers would be expected to work in collaboration with these institutions and respond to their requirements and those of their researchers. The final product (set of services) will include a repository with a user interface to be used by researchers to deposit, publish and discover data. It is expected that researchers from pilot HEI’s would be involved in scoping and designing their requirements for the user interface as well as being engaged in testing the system.

Lot Information: Lot 1 – Research Data Repositories Lot 2 – Repository Interfaces Lot 3 – Research Data Exchange Interface Lot 4 – Research Information and Administration Systems Integrations Lot 5 – Research Data Preservation Platforms Lot 6 – Research Data Preservation Tools Development Lot 7 – Research Data Reporting Lot 8 – User Experience Enhancements

This procurement exercise is being run via the Restricted Procedure to establish a multi-supplier framework agreement.

Responses to the Prequalification Documentation and Questionnaire are due by **noon on 19th January 2016**; final date for clarifications is 11th January 2016 & for registrations to participate by 15th January 2016.

It is important to note that, because the procurement process is now live, all enquires relating to the tender need to be handled centrally through the Jisc procurement team, so if you have any questions about the procurement and process please contact

By Rachel Bruce

Rachel Bruce, Deputy Chief Innovation Officer, Jisc