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Research Data Alliance (RDA) Workshop in the UK

Research Data Alliance

On the 2 November 2016, Jisc and the Research Data Alliance (RDA) will host their first joint workshop in Birmingham, UK. At the event topics include how to engage with the RDA, practical uses of RDA outputs, and discussions with groups working on Certification of Digital Repositories, Metadata Standards, Data Citation and Publishing Data.

This one day workshop will provide attendees with information about how the RDA, as a community-driven organisation, is working to achieve its vision. It will include representatives from specific working and interest groups highlighting their work and discussing how this work can be used practically in universities and data centres in the UK. The event will be of particular interest to decision makers, managers and enablers, users and consumers, researchers and research managers.

Jisc and the Research Data Alliance

The Research Data Alliance (RDA) vision is researchers and innovators openly sharing data across technologies, disciplines, and countries to address the grand challenges of society. It is an international member organisation of over 4,000 members, supported by the European Commission and other research agencies and foundations around the world that is working to develop and implement a global infrastructure to facilitate data sharing and re-use. Through focused Working Groups and more exploratory Interest Groups, the RDA develops and implements concrete recommendations and supporting outputs that provide the social and technical connections necessary for a functional data infrastructure that bridges across countries, disciplines, scales, and technologies. Jisc is working with RDA Europe to ensure that UK research and its outputs are part of the global research infrastructure, in particular helping to inform the best practices and standards that Jisc and other related UK infrastructure can implement to support the creation, management and sharing of research data as a primary research output and knowledge foundation.

Who’s speaking?

Speakers at the workshop include Rachel Bruce (Deputy Chief Innovation Officer, Jisc), Mark Parsons (Secretary General, RDA) and Juan Bicarregui (RDA Europe). Chairs from a selection of groups and implementers of the groups’ outputs will run parallel and interactive discussions with the purpose of communicating their work and discovering how these can be used practically in the UK.


This event is free, but you must register to attend at

OpenAIRE workshop

Prior to the RDA workshop (on 1 November) at the same venue, the Jisc-partnered project Open Access Infrastructure for Research in Europe (OpenAIRE) will be hosting its national workshop in the UK. Entitled, “OpenAIRE workshop for UK universities: Open access in Horizon 2020”, the focus of the day will include an overview of the initiative, as well as allow UK Universities and their EU funded researchers to learn about the Horizon 2020 OA policy and the Research Data and FP7 Post-Grant Pilots.

By Christopher Brown

Product Manager (Research) at Jisc.