Pain free Preservation

“It’s World Digital Preservation Day on the 7th of November John.” “Better write a blog then, Paul” “Ah. Okay.” Soooooo… What is it about preservation that so often makes it an afterthought when it comes to publishing data sets (for researchers at least)? These days, if you ask a researcher about FAIR, or open data, […]

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The data tsunami—the Environmental Sciences perspective

Annemarie Eckes, a PhD student from Cambridge University, is one of the Jisc Research Data Champions.  She’s also a Research Data Champion at Cambridge.  She recently participated in the RDA EU-ENVRI summer school on data management and data science in Espoo, Finland.  These are her reflections on the experience.   Like most disciplines Environmental Sciences are […]

Research at Risk

Can blockchain be applied to Research Data Management?

At a number of recent events I’ve had the privilege to attend—in particular PASIG NYC and iPRES—the magical incantation “We could/should use blockchain for this” has been uttered by speakers more than once (to the delight of those who play buzzword bingo at such affairs)..  There was very much a feeling amongst some participants (at […]

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Research Data Network — who, what, where, when, how and why?

Some of you may have noticed something called the Research Data Network1 being mention with increasing regularity by people in and around the world of Research Data Management. No doubt you’re wondering what it’s all about (you have indeed clicked into this blog which suggests a degree of curiosity). Hopefully this short piece will satisfy […]