UK Data Service guest post: providing access to sensitive data – using the 5 Safes

The management of sensitive data is becoming a common concern across research disciplines and institutions within the UK. This has been clearly demonstrated by the many discussions arising on this subject, as well as a few of the proposals submitted to research data spring (managing sensitive data, information governance for clinical research studies, AMASED: Access […]

Research Data Spring – how did we do?

The first phase of research data spring concluded last week. We have received an incredible number of ideas and have been busy reviewing them. We are really excited about your dedication and the smart solutions that you have identified. In a nutshell, out of 70 ideas posted, 42 of the authors are looking for collaborators, […]

Research Data Spring – a few more days to go

Wow! Now that is a busy week! Within a few days the number of ideas up on our community doubled and the number of users quadrupled. At 11:01 this morning there were 52 ideas, 115 comments, 407 users and 654 votes! We are very excited about the dynamics of the community and are still looking forward […]

Research Data Spring – let your ideas bloom!

For some of us, and particularly developers, when you hear spring and data together, you are most likely to think about the spring team and its data project and I am sure there are other ideas it conjures up.  The name Research Data Spring is used here to mean new starts, shoots and growth. We […]