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Mixed access and licence values in repository records

On 22nd May 2019, members of the Jisc Open Research Hub team held a webinar which presented a set of design options around the assigning of more than one licence or access type to a repository deposit. The aim was to get feedback to help the design team decide which approach to develop.  Although the webinar […]

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Research Data Alliance (RDA) UK Workshop

Introduction At the beginning of this month we hosted our first Research Data Alliance meeting in the UK. The Research Data Alliance (RDA) is a unique community-drive organisation of over 4,500 volunteers, over 44 organisations, from 115 countries, but with a shared interest to discuss and develop ‘data bridges’ to enable open data sharing across […]

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Google has a role to play in the evolution of research data discovery

It’s been an interesting couple of months on the research data discovery front. As phase 2 of the Jisc UK Research Data Discovery Service project draws to a close and we take stock of progress made and lessons learnt, two announcements – one at the recent Research Data Alliance 8th Plenary, and one from Google […]