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Managing Research Data in the Performing and Creative Arts – Some Useful Links

In response to a recent query, I put together in an e-mail some links to information about JISC-funded activity in the area of research data management for performance and creative arts.  It seems sensible to share those here as well.

There is quite a lot of material already available, so potentially the task of implementing processes, procedures, training etc for better management of performance, practice based and creative outputs may be more manageable than it might first appear.

In the Managing Research Data Programme, the Glasgow end of the Incremental Project has produced a number of videos with researchers talking about research data management issues, see:

A number of these deal with artistic and performance issues.  For example:

What should researchers do to help their data survive? Dr Barry Smith, former professor of performance, Nottingham Trent University and creator of the Live Art Archive

Why should researchers share their data? Stephen Gray, JISC CAiRO project, Bristol University

Does the University ethics process affect the making and recording of artistic work? Adrian Howells, theatre maker

The ensemble of the Incremental pages at Glasgow may be of interest:

Information about the Incremental Project is available at:

The CAiRO Project (Curating Arts Research Outputs) is producing teaching and learning materials that enable the arts practitioner to sustainably generate, manage and disseminate their own practice-as-research:

In the deposit strand of the Information Environment Programme, the Kultivate Project, is creating a model of an institutional repository for use in the creative and applied arts.  Some information is available at and other related posts.

More information about the Kultivate project may be obtained from the project officer, Marie-Therese Gramstadt: mtg at

The Kultivate final project conference may be of interest: there will be a final conference on the 15th July at RIBA for 70 delegates The CAiRO project (Curating Artistic Research Output) Project from the MRD Programme will also be presenting at this event to provide a perspective on creative arts data.

There is of course VADS who offer advice for digital project in art education and accept data deposit:

Anyone interested in this area may also wish to get in touch with Sarah Jones of the DCC.  Sarah (having worked for the AHDS Performing Arts and HATII [Humanities Advanced Technology and Information Institute] has a particular interest in managing research outputs from performing arts: