JISC Managing Research Data Programme, 2011-13: New RDM Infrastructure Projects!

The JISC Grant Funding Call 07/11 Managing Research Data Programme (02) 2011-13 led to the funding of 27 projects across three strands.  With some exceptions for administrative delays, the projects started on 3 October 2011 and most now have their websites and blogs up and running.  Further information about the strands and projects is available on the JISC Managing Research Data Programme, 2011-13 Website.  This and subsequent posts provide links to the projects’ websites and blogs.  First, the Research Data Management Infrastructure Projects:

Strand A: Research Data Management Infrastructure

Research Data Management Infrastructure: Institutional Pilot Projects

ADMIRe (A Data Management Infrastructure for Research), University of Nottingham

Blog: https://admire.jiscinvolve.org/wp/

Data.bris, University of Bristol

Website and blog: http://data.bris.ac.uk/

Iridium, University of Newcastle

Website: http://research.ncl.ac.uk/iridium/

Blog: http://iridiummrd.wordpress.com/

Leeds RoaDMaP, University of Leeds

Website and blog pending

Orbital, University of Lincoln

Website and blog: http://orbital.blogs.lincoln.ac.uk/

Pilot Study in Health & Life Sciences, University of the West of England

Website: http://www1.uwe.ac.uk/library/sc/mrd-project.aspx

Blog: http://blogs.uwe.ac.uk/teams/mrd/default.aspx

Research360, University of Bath

Website and blog: http://blogs.bath.ac.uk/research360/

Research Data @ Essex, University of Essex

Website: http://www.data-archive.ac.uk/create-manage/projects/rd-essex

Blog: http://researchdataessex.posterous.com/

Service Oriented Toolkit for Research Data Management, University of Hertfordshire

Website and blog: http://research-data-toolkit.herts.ac.uk/

Research Data Management Infrastructure: Institutional Embedding and Transition to Service Projects

DaMaRO (Data Management Rollout for Oxford), University of Oxford

Website: http://damaro.oucs.ox.ac.uk/

Blog: http://blogs.oucs.ox.ac.uk/damaro/

DataPool, University of Southampton

Blog: http://blogs.ecs.soton.ac.uk/datapool/

MiSS (MaDAM into Sustainable Service), University of Manchester

Website and blog: http://www.miss.manchester.ac.uk/

Open Exeter, University of Exeter

Website pending

Blog: http://blogs.exeter.ac.uk/openexeterrdm/

Research Data Management Infrastructure: Disciplinary Projects

KAPTUR, University for the Creative Arts

Website: http://vads.ac.uk/kaptur/

Blog: https://kaptur.wordpress.com/

PIMMS (Portable Infrastructure for the Metafor Metadata System), University of Reading

Website: http://proj.badc.rl.ac.uk/pimms

Blog: http://proj.badc.rl.ac.uk/pimms/blog

SWORD-ARM (SWORD & Archaeological Research data Management), University of York

Website: http://archaeologydataservice.ac.uk/research/swordarm

Blog: http://archaeologydataservice.ac.uk/blog/sword-arm/

Research Data Management Infrastructure: Metadata

CERIF for Datasets, University of Sunderland

Website and blog: http://cerif4datasets.wordpress.com/

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