DMTpsych Training Materials Available from Jorum

Followers of this blog may be pleased to know that the training materials developed by the DMTpsych Project are now available in Jorum.

These materials were originally developed by the DMTpsych Project, part of the training strand of the first Jisc Managing Research Data programme.  Richard Plant, who led this project went on to work on the Data Management Planning and Storage for Psychology at Sheffield.

The materials have been reused and adapted by the current TraD RDM training project at the University of East London.

Unfortunately, the server which housed these materials at the former Higher Education Academy Psychology Subject Centre at York apparently ‘exploded’ in the Autumn and these materials – valuable, reusable and the product of much hard work and investment – have not been available for the last few months.

Now – happily – the training materials have been deposited in Jorum and they are once again available for download and reuse.  Would it be over egging the pudding to suggest that an analogy can be made here with the data produced by research projects…?

Here is the Jorum description:

DMTpsych: Data Management Training for the Psychological Sciences provides resources to help postgraduates and researchers in psychology learn about data management and develop the skills to prepare data management plans. Such plans are being increasingly required by research funders. A workbook is provided that guides the reader through developing a discipline specific plan in accordance with the guidance available on digital curation provided by the Digital Curation Centre (see Powerpoint slides are also available for use in training and can be adapted by lecturers for use in their own research methods training programmes.