Programme for Now and Future of Data Publishing Now Available!

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The programme for the Now and Future of Data Publishing Symposium is now available! It features keynotes from Peter Fox, of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, an erudite and engaging thinker on matters of data publication; and from Unni Karunakara, President of Médicins Sans Frontières.  The closing address will be delivered by John Wood, Secretary General, The Association of Commonwealth Universities and Research Data Alliance Council.

The bulk of the day comprises a series of panel sessions, some in plenary, some in parallel, in which a host of experts involved in various ways with data publication will address a series of key issues.  This is a format that we hope will encourage discussion and allow participants to set an agenda of issues to be tackled to help shape data publishing over the next few years.

Unfortunately, the event is already full but a waitlist has been set up.  That the event should have reached capacity even before the programme was finalised demonstrates how lively the interest in data publishing is across a range of communities.

Dryad Membership Meeting and other events

Should you be disappointed and not able to attend NFDP13, do not despair: there is a series of exciting events in Oxford in the same week.  In particularly, I would like to draw readers attention to the Dryad Membership Meeting, on Friday 24 May, which it should be stressed is not just restricted to Dryad members.  In fact, it is open to Dryad members, prospective members and other interested parties!  The meeting provides an opportunity to learn about recent developments, get a preview of upcoming features, have a say in the governance of the organization, exchange ideas and experience with other members and Dryad staff, and help chart the future of data archiving.  The programme for the Dryad Membership Meeting is now available and you can register here.

We look forward to seeing you in Oxford at any of the associated meetings: the Now and Future of Data Publishing Symposium 2013; the ORCID Outreach Meeting; the Joint Dryad-ORCID Symposium on Research Attribution; and the Dryad Membership (and more) Meeting.

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Hi Simon,

I’m part of the DataONE Community Engagement working group, and we are pulling together relevant blogs with quality posts about data management, current events and topics on data curation, and data stewardship in general. We are hoping to aggregate the JISCRMD blog.

You guys will be given attribution, and to access the full post, the reader will need to go to your website. We will only offer a snippet along with author and blog information.

I couldn’t find an official contact link on the blog, so I’m commenting here… feel free to re-direct my request. More information on DataONE, the working group, and the aggregator are below.

Carly Strasser
California Digital Library

More info:
Community engagement and education working group:
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