Research at Risk

Activities, solutions and experiences within UK universities to meet the EPSRC research data policy

by Monica Duke DCC, Jonathan Rans, DCC and Verena Weigert, Jisc

With a view to sharing solutions and lessons learned across the higher education sector we have examined activities and experiences within four UK universities – the University of East London, the University of Edinburgh, the University of Leeds and the University of St Andrews – as they meet the expectations in the EPSRC research data policy framework.

We conducted the interviews and prepared the summaries in January and February 2015. The overall structure of the interview questions is grouping the EPSRC requirements into three areas:

  • Overarching issues on RDM policy, strategy, governance and sustainability
  • Development of support services and increasing RDM capability and skills
  • Technical infrastructure and services required for storage, preservation and sharing

Summaries of the interviews can be found below:

The case studies are also included in our guide on ‘steps universities can take to meet the EPSRC research data policy’ (see ‘case studies’ in the table of contents).

For the case studies, many thanks are due to Stephen Grace (University of East London), Stuart MacDonald (University of Edinburgh), Rachel Proudfoot (University of Leeds), and Anna Clements (University of St Andrews) who contributed their time and expertise.Thanks also to Sarah Jones at the Digital Curation Centre (DCC), who made valuable comments on an early draft.