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Help us shape a vision for how technology will support researchers in UK universities in 2020-2030

Could an intelligent digital research assistant become a must-have tool for academic research and open scholarship? Could a next generation scholarly communications platform enable new forms of research outputs and new channels for dissemination? We would like to draw your attention to our set of Visions for our future Research and Development work in Jisc. … Read more

Knowledge Exchange Survey on Training and Skills in RDM

In today’s changing research environment, there is a need for postgraduate students, researchers and research support staff to increase their data management and data sharing skills. Knowledge Exchange has created a survey addressing providers of research data management training and / or education materials in the 5 Knowledge Exchange partner countries (NL, FIN, DK, GER, … Read more

Research metrics and indicators – some Jisc work

Introduction This blog post outlines some of the most important Jisc activities in the area of research metrics and indicators and, in particular, the data infrastructure underpinning them. The data underpinning metrics can be divided into that relating to objects, which need identifiers, and that relating to activity. Identifiers Identifiers for the key entities in … Read more

Activities, solutions and experiences within UK universities to meet the EPSRC research data policy

by Monica Duke DCC, Jonathan Rans, DCC and Verena Weigert, Jisc With a view to sharing solutions and lessons learned across the higher education sector we have examined activities and experiences within four UK universities – the University of East London, the University of Edinburgh, the University of Leeds and the University of St Andrews … Read more

Report for the International Digital Curation Conference (IDCC) Research at Risk workshop, 11 February, 2015

Report of workshop in February 2015 by David Kernohan The 10th anniversary of the International Digital Curation Conference was an opportunity to reflect on a decade of sustained activity that have brought research data management from an interesting fringe concern to the centre of institutional and national conversation. As such, it was the perfect place … Read more

Sowing the Seed – Incentives and motivations for sharing research data: a researcher’s perspective

In this blog post David Kernohan introduces a new report from the Knowledge Exchange: Why should researchers share their data? It seems like a fairly straightforward question – after all the benefits from sharing data are becoming quite clear – funding, peer input, citation; and in an increasingly global research environment the ability to share … Read more