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Opportunity to steer the Internet of Things!

The Internet of things covers everything connected to the internet, but increasingly it is used to define objects that can connect, interact and exchange data, or “talk” to each other. The Internet of things is made up of devices from simple sensors to smartphones to vehicles and equipment connected together. In an academic context it most obviously applies to the intelligent campus, connecting sensors for heating and lighting and other devices to a network.

Want to learn more?

Join our Jisc hosted workshop in collaboration with Digital Catapult to:

  • Link up people working on applying the internet of things in their institution with SMEs working with the technology
  • Help shape a Jisc and Digital Catapult initiative. This will lend gateways to a small group of universities and organise SMEs to respond to IoT challenges set by the universities
  • The workshop is free and open to all, representing a good opportunity to learn more and get involved.