Research at Risk

Opening to develop a research themed Analytics Lab

Analytics Labs is an exciting research environment within which we co-design new data derived products and services with our members and other customers. Labs focus on the burning issues facing the higher education sector, and the service is offered free to Jisc and HESA members.

This post focuses in on an opportunity to get involved in Jisc Analytics Labs activity. There is also a longer post about all recent activity and developments in Analytics Labs.

New Labs

A new cohort of Analytics Labs will run from 6 February 2019 – w/c 13 May 2019. We hope it will be of interest to readers of this blog that we’re recruiting to two research themed labs:

Research Lab 1 will consider:

What are the downstream effects of particular tranches of research funding? This theme will go from research activities and collaborations, through outputs and their reach and use, to research outcomes, impact and the contribution of research to wider economic and social change.

We understand this is a difficult and long-standing question, and we are looking for novel sources and uses of data to address it in new ways.

Research Lab 2 will consider:

Q1: What factors affect how research practices, that are intended to protect against bias in experimental research, are reported?  The theme will explore practices including randomisation of samples, blinding, allocation concealment, sample design, specification of primary outcome. Factors might include sub-discipline, research funders and their policies, and/or the journal policy with respect to the use of reporting guidelines.


Q2: Given the current UK Government’s ambition for investment in Research and Development to reach 2.4% of GDP by 2027, what factors correlate with increases in business investment in R+D, in collaboration with universities?

Who should get involved?

The Analytics Labs team are seeking team analysts with interest and experience in the themes, alongside data manipulation and visualisation skills (via Tableau, Alteryx or related packages). We’re also looking for suitably experienced team leaders/product owners to lead the themes.

What next?

Interested, but want to know more? Check out our post on Analytics Labs, its benefits and how to get involved.

Interested, full stop? We’re taking applications now until 12th December using this application form.