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Research Data Alliance (RDA) Workshop in the UK

On the 2 November 2016, Jisc and the Research Data Alliance (RDA) will host their first joint workshop in Birmingham, UK. At the event topics include how to engage with the RDA, practical uses of RDA outputs, and discussions with groups working on Certification of Digital Repositories, Metadata Standards, Data Citation and Publishing Data. This … Read more

International advances in digital scholarship – Jisc and CNI conference

In today’s scholarly communication environment, it’s easy to be heads down implementing various funder and government policy requirements on open access and research data management. For all involved in academic research, no matter whether as a researcher, managing services to support research, or providing oversight and leadership,  we all need to occasionally pause to take … Read more

Horizon 2020 projects and the Open Research Data Pilot

Caroline Ingram, research data management subject specialist at Jisc, talks about the Horizon 2020’s Open Research Data Pilot. All European Commission (EC) Horizon 2020 funded projects must deposit their peer-reviewed publications to ensure Open Access. A subset of the funded projects are also required to take part in an Open Research Data Pilot, or can … Read more

Help us shape a vision for how technology will support researchers in UK universities in 2020-2030

Could an intelligent digital research assistant become a must-have tool for academic research and open scholarship? Could a next generation scholarly communications platform enable new forms of research outputs and new channels for dissemination? We would like to draw your attention to our set of Visions for our future Research and Development work in Jisc. … Read more

Knowledge Exchange Survey on Training and Skills in RDM

In today’s changing research environment, there is a need for postgraduate students, researchers and research support staff to increase their data management and data sharing skills. Knowledge Exchange has created a survey addressing providers of research data management training and / or education materials in the 5 Knowledge Exchange partner countries (NL, FIN, DK, GER, … Read more

Research metrics and indicators – some Jisc work

Introduction This blog post outlines some of the most important Jisc activities in the area of research metrics and indicators and, in particular, the data infrastructure underpinning them. The data underpinning metrics can be divided into that relating to objects, which need identifiers, and that relating to activity. Identifiers Identifiers for the key entities in … Read more

Achieving efficiencies and sharing assets and equipment across UK universities

The S-lab conference last week was a most inspiring and interesting event. It had everything, from a keynote speaker representing NASA to an awards dinner with Matthew Cobb revealing life’s greatest secret, and exhibitors showing the newest lab designs and coolest lab equipment. It was attended by close to 400 participants both from higher education … Read more